Halloween @ AIG BPSI


Halloween had past once again and Christmas is again coming near, but I did write to say about Christmas though. Hhhmmm.. Last November 2, 2007, the AIG BPSI had their Halloween Celebration, since my brother-in-law works there my sister and nephew is invited to attend the party. My sister asked me to accompany them at the party if I will be free since it’s a holiday I went with them but beside from the party I really wanted to visit AIG office since I haven’t been there and knowing it’s one of the good companies not just in the Philippines but also in US so I wanted to see their office. Hehehehe.. Anyway going back to the party, it wasn’t my first time to attend a treat or trick but I really enjoyed the night. Children with their Halloween costumes (even the employees), candies, chocolates, lollipops, mallows and a lot more is what we’ve got from different people of the company. We were able to visit every floor of their building and got their treats and saw their Halloween decorations per department, and even went to the office of their president. Since MRIX (my nephew) is only one year and two months he’s not yet allowed to eat candies, so my sister and I enjoyed all the treats we’ve got from the Halloween celebration.

Mrix playing some of his lollipops.

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