things happen for a reason...

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Looking back at my previous post, I'm suppose to be at Galera by now with my friends but because of the not so good weather, we end up holding off our Galera getaway. We are all frustrated with what happened but then everyone just though of something that will make the frustration lighter like: rescheduling the getaway...hehehe... Anyways, it was frustrating yet fulfilling at the same time for me. If I were at Galera right at this moment I might be drinking an alcoholic beverage and having our girl discussion as planned and not writing this blog but those are all "ifs".. Despite of the postponed event I spent my Saturday differently my evening turned very fulfilling, I had the chance to share a bit of my research knowledge at our Patrician Meeting (An LOM Activity) by being one of the facilitators together with ate Rhea and ate Ning regarding on one of Christian's norm - The Sign of the Cross.

And to end this post let me share some about the topic:

Sign of the Cross is a norm (most Christians look at it that way) for all Christian, there are different ways on doing it and each way has it's on meaning or it symbolizes something. The act itself is a Christian way of say "God is with me or God is in me", it's our way of confessing our faith by carrying our own cross and following God. A very simple act yet very meaningful and a sacramental act - yes it is sacramental just like baptism, there is more on this than just a norm - by doing the sign of the cross is another way of saying "I am your soldier and this is my weapon" and in the end it's always how you do it with FAITH.

Galera Excitement...

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After almost a year, I’ll be going back to Puerto Galera with my girl friends… So excited, since this will be our first out of town trip…hahahaha…but more than that I really am excited to stay in the beach and enjoy the relaxation it gives me and of course, the girls bonding this time, even though we used to see each other once in a while… I’ll see you next Saturday, Galera…

Banana Boat @ Galera!

USAP Internship Program

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