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Another Ravenloft – at Barovia to be exact - adventure is what the party faced last evening of November 3. Our dungeon master ask the party where do we want to continue our adventure and the party decided to be do it in the Ravenloft II (Roots of Evil). We were successful in our last adventure at Ravenloft I by defeating Strahd Von Zarovich (16th level vampire – necomanser), though a lot of things change from the party since the last time we visit Barovia.

Let’s meet the party:

Raskha – 9th level evoker and 5th level Greyhound; Alignment: Neutral Good
Rival – 9th level Sunsoul and 5th level Monk; Alignment: Lawful Good
Roswitha – 9th level bard and 5th level Moonstar; Alignment: Neutral Good
MRIX – 5th level night of the blue moon, 3rd level Paladin and 2nd level Sorcerer; Alignment: Lawful Good

We started the adventure with Rashka’s spell of Group Teleportation and landed in front of Ravenloft’s Castle at Barovia. We can’t see anything but fog everywhere until we heard a word from Valdar the head of the guardians at that time, faced us at the castle’s gate. With the used of a magical item they knew that I’m (Roswitha) trying to use some spell to fascinate Valdar and so, everyone was ready to fight with the party. Until Queen Kristiana interrupted the guards and said “I knew you would come”, then allowed us to enter the castle, as we walked inside the castle a lot had change it was white and all clean with lights at every corner of the wall, it was totally different from the castle that we entered the last Ravenloft adventure. And so we faced King Barov and Queen Kristiana, Roswitha asked queen Kristiana about the welcome she said that “She knew we would come”, she said it was in prophecy. And to our surprise she knew a lot of things about us – everything about us - about the past adventure we did and what it had cause their land, we were accused as thief (that we are not – we are all good…hehehehe) by taking the Symbol of the Sun out of the castle. And removing the symbol from the castle give them a lot of trouble - the land was cursed – that we never though will happened, we though taking the symbol will the save land of Barovia. Until king Barov give us stories from the past:

“Barovia was a peaceful place lead by general Strahd Von Zarovich before something happened on the day of Serei and Tatian’s wedding everyone was gone, they said that General Strahd Von Zarovich gave his soul to evil God’s in exchange of his immortality. And so the land was cursed since then and only the symbol of the sun can save Barovia. And it was in the prophecy that we have to make the wrong things right and if not death is what awaits the party.“

With all the stories we heard and question was raised, the party then just realize that all the adventures we had in the last few weeks was all interconnected. Fighting Azalin the 18th level litch and defeating him was one of them, Azalin holds the Symbol of the Sun we weren’t able to get it from him but good thing we hold his phylactery. With the entire bad thing that happened unexpectedly we are giving 30 days to fulfill the quest of bringing back the symbol of the sun to the castle together with the great evil’s phylactery. If after 30 days we weren’t able to accomplish the quest then death awaits us. And yes, we all accepted the quest; finishing the barovia’s adventure and solving this adventure is the party’s main goal and it will if we bring the Symbol back to its right place.

And as before we end the conversation at the castle’s chapel Inajira – the 24th level demon (Arcanaloth Yugdoth) – arrived get King Barov and kill him everyone was stunned except from our party but only Raskha can react. Before we we’re able to defeat Inajira he summoned two Glabrezu and leave taking the Queen with him. To our surpire Strahd Von Zarovich was back running and fought with one of the Glabrezu and defeated it then leaves us with the other. But before we were able to defeat the 2nd Glabrezu mrix almost loose his life then Rival able to finish and killed him with his strength. We have to take a two hours nap to gain the power/strength we lost in the fight before continuing the adventure on finding the Symbol of the Sun or hunting Azalin.

With what happened in the castle and seeing Strahd again was all a mystery we have to find and solve. Everything that happened is still uncertain to us but our mission hasn’t change. Village Valaki is our next destination, to defeat Azalin and get the Symbol of the Sun…

This is how we play our game.

Beyonce Experience

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I had no plan to go to her concert, first it was expensive and second I don't even know most of her songs but my sister and I love to see her because we really found her very sexy...hehehe... Unexpectedly one hour before the concert, a friend invited me to watch the concert for free since she had an extra ticket - that was worth P2,500...hehehehe... Had no camera, just my phone that was about to drain its battery - hahaha- thank God my phone was able to get some videos and pictures even though it was quite far. It was fun - I really enjoyed it!!! I don't really see her performing on TV but seeing her live was amazing she really grooves and sings well...hehehe...

Beyonce Experience Ticket

the stage and Beyonce singing...

Thanks to Iris and friends for allowing me to be there. hehehe

Halloween @ AIG BPSI

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Halloween had past once again and Christmas is again coming near, but I did write to say about Christmas though. Hhhmmm.. Last November 2, 2007, the AIG BPSI had their Halloween Celebration, since my brother-in-law works there my sister and nephew is invited to attend the party. My sister asked me to accompany them at the party if I will be free since it’s a holiday I went with them but beside from the party I really wanted to visit AIG office since I haven’t been there and knowing it’s one of the good companies not just in the Philippines but also in US so I wanted to see their office. Hehehehe.. Anyway going back to the party, it wasn’t my first time to attend a treat or trick but I really enjoyed the night. Children with their Halloween costumes (even the employees), candies, chocolates, lollipops, mallows and a lot more is what we’ve got from different people of the company. We were able to visit every floor of their building and got their treats and saw their Halloween decorations per department, and even went to the office of their president. Since MRIX (my nephew) is only one year and two months he’s not yet allowed to eat candies, so my sister and I enjoyed all the treats we’ve got from the Halloween celebration.

Mrix playing some of his lollipops.

My name tag...

Barangay Election

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Last October 29, 2007 the government schedule it a holiday to give way for the Barangay election. It’s been a while since the last barangay election happened; if I could remember it right that as last 2002 almost 5 years ago. Anyhow, I could not compare anything from this recent election to the other elections in past since nothing had change. It was still the same that I saw since the first time I practice my right on voting. There are still a lot of people at lost since they can’t see their name in the list even though they used to vote every election. The counting that took almost midnight before fishing the counting, I know the feeling because I once experience being a PPCRV representative in one of the .elections that I attended. It wasn’t easy but it was really hard. My only question in mind is that: when will the Philippine election be improve or will it be forever like the old times?!?

This is how it looks like outside the school.