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i wanna let you in on a secret..I'm not who you think i am..in fact my disguise is so thin, I'm surprised you haven't seen right through me..I'm the girl of your dreams masquerading as your best friend..sometimes i wanna remove this like i did in spring formal..but i cant...coz you'll get scared and you'll run away again...so i decided that its better to live with a lie than express my true feelings..this is so much easier when your unconscious..my dad told me that there are two types of girls : the one's you grow out of and the one's you grow into...i really hope I'm the latter...i may not be the one you love today..but I'll let you go for now and hoping one day you'll find way back to me...'coz i can cure the wait...

-- got this from a friend, L.A... I just like it's message, that's it! hehehe

Meet Roswitha Ruehar

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Druuth Slayer
Region: Waterdeep
Regional Background: Harper Protégé
Race: Half-Human Elf
Base Class: Bard 9
Prestige Class: Moonstar Agent 5

Alignment: Neutral Good
Faith: Selûne
Affiliation: Tel Teukiira
Base of Operations: Silver Safehold

Roswitha is a Waterdhavian born and raised half-elven bard. She is Tel Teukiir, an agent of the Moonstars and is regarded as a Druuth Slayer - for her uncanny ability to detect dopplegangers in disguise and her resistance to mindflayer's mind blast ability.

She is well-versed in lore and storytelling and has gained the respect of friends and foe alike. Roswitha cares little about treasure, to the dismay of her fellow Waterdhavian-based adventurer, Rashka the Slayer, a Greyhand Enforcer. She ventures out of Waterdeep only on a mission and is usually accompanied by Rival the Seeker, a Sun Soul Monk and the mysterious Ruckus of Selûne. Roswitha is schooled in the bardic arts at New Olamn and is a member of its elite cadre of artists called the Song Sabers. She is trained in the healing arts by Rhoswen of Selûne, a purifier.

She carries a harmonizing ironheart elven blade called SongSaber and a gleaming set of elfin chainmail armor.

The Creator...

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Lenten Season: most of the catholic - if not all - are commemorating the time that Jesus died for us. Some take this day an opportunity to have a more intimate time with God, some just let it pass by and enjoy the long weekend that they have, but what ever plan you make every Lenten season, the important thing is that you were able to to offer a part of your life to Him.

I am so blessed being in a family and as part of an organization that let me stay close to Him in every aspect of this life I am living. He's a Friend, a Savior, and a God!


Bianca & Jon Encounter…

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It was unexpected - I was on my way to meet my friends at one of the store at Robinson Galeria when I saw a lot of people gather in front the grocery store. As I was looking at them I got a glimpse of Bianca Gonzales together with Jon Avila promoting the Lipton Milk Tea. I got so excited ‘coz Bianca is one of those celebrity that I admire, in fact I normally read here blog. And being inspired by her I really wanted to take a shot with her. So I was with my friend majo taking a stolen picture of Bianca and Jon, when somebody approaches us and said we could have a picture with the celebrities by buying a box of Lipton Milk Tea and obviously we did buy one. hehehe…

see pictures here.

Grass Fragrance

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I took a simple personality test and here's the result:

Character Analysis: Grass-Fragrance Type:

“You have very strong will, not dependent on others and give an impression of being a lone-ranger. You are extremely curious and sensual, living a clear-headed, modern life. At first glance you place yourself on a pedestal, and are difficult to get along. But once others talk to you, they know you are easygoing. And when the relationship develops, they realize you are affable. You have an androgynous charm, which makes you popular with all genders. But you don’t like your weak side to be seen. You might look cool on the surface, but beneath it all, you are really passionate. Only people who know your true self can maintain a long-lasting relationship with you.”