Meet Roswitha Ruehar


Druuth Slayer
Region: Waterdeep
Regional Background: Harper Protégé
Race: Half-Human Elf
Base Class: Bard 9
Prestige Class: Moonstar Agent 5

Alignment: Neutral Good
Faith: Selûne
Affiliation: Tel Teukiira
Base of Operations: Silver Safehold

Roswitha is a Waterdhavian born and raised half-elven bard. She is Tel Teukiir, an agent of the Moonstars and is regarded as a Druuth Slayer - for her uncanny ability to detect dopplegangers in disguise and her resistance to mindflayer's mind blast ability.

She is well-versed in lore and storytelling and has gained the respect of friends and foe alike. Roswitha cares little about treasure, to the dismay of her fellow Waterdhavian-based adventurer, Rashka the Slayer, a Greyhand Enforcer. She ventures out of Waterdeep only on a mission and is usually accompanied by Rival the Seeker, a Sun Soul Monk and the mysterious Ruckus of Selûne. Roswitha is schooled in the bardic arts at New Olamn and is a member of its elite cadre of artists called the Song Sabers. She is trained in the healing arts by Rhoswen of Selûne, a purifier.

She carries a harmonizing ironheart elven blade called SongSaber and a gleaming set of elfin chainmail armor.