until we meet again

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chubby-ng maliit na singkit - someone's description to this young lady. Here's my own description though: snobbish looking but a lady with a big heart encapsulated in a small body...hihihi.. Someone who is always ready to give comfort and love to those she valued the most. A person full of positive energy in her nerves that continues to follow to the people around her, you might see her in an anguish moment but in little time you'll see her laughing as if there's no tomorrow.. A she always say "smile like there's no tomorrow". She's Aimee, my teammate and seatmate but most especially my good friend. Soon, you'll be million miles away, the friendship will forever be cherished and I'll be looking forward in see you again - pagcitizen ka na dun bisitahin mo na kami..I know that you'll always be there - a ym away - but your presence is something I will surely miss..*a big smile and hug for you, good-luck on your journey..*

Sonnet Spellsinger

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T'is said that dreams are real and visions true;
Of life yet to come and history done.
Tales of song and silence, of rogues and bards,
Of legends and lore, a thousand and one.

Her audience asks: "Can what is said be true?
Wandering storyteller, tell your tale;
Share thine story, pray tell: Give us thy clue.
We'll toss coins, one round, your choice: Rum or ale!"

"The fabled spellsinger truly exists,"
The lovely half-elfin maiden began.
"Her charms, her wits - oh, dare no man resists.
Her bardic voice makes even foes to fan."

"Be it known: She walks amongst us today.
In fact, this day is the lady's birthday."

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