One Paradise


I had a 3-day (21-23 Oct, 2007) vacation at Boracay--a team-building event my colleagues planned. We were fortunate to had the date planned at the same time Cebu Pacific launched their promo--We would have a chance to visit kuya Bong as well. We could hardly contain our excitement. We were already counting the days until the 21st came. This will be my first time to ride a plane to Boracay.

And so the day has come. I had my first flight at Philippine Airlines Flight PR321 Departure: 9:25am. Arrive at Kalibo around 10:05am and ride a van going to jetty port took us almost 2 hrs on the road. Then rode a “bangka” -bigger than the usual of course- for almost 15 minutes and yes, you could feel the breeze of the boracay beach while in the boat. And after that we have our last ride going to the hotel, we rode a tricycle. The weather is so hot when we arrive boracay, even thought its rainy season since its October… The weather indeed agreed with us and that made us enjoy our entire stay, although there will be rain drops early in the morning and at night.

Boracay – Paradise! That is how people always describe the place. The moment I stepped my feet on the ground of boracay, I question out why do people say this place is a paradise? I'm quite frustrated with what I saw. It wasn't the picture I have in my mind. The picture I have in mind was a very organize place in terms of hotel and restaurants’, but it wasn’t. But as I stay longer in the place I started to see the reason why this place becomes a paradise. Saw different fish when we snorkeled right in front of my face swimming was really amazing and relaxing. Feeling the breeze of the sea and seeing the entire island was awesome...On my day two I almost stayed on the beach from 8am till 3pm together with my cousin and my brother’s girlfriend - ate caren. And yes, sunburn is what we’ve got afterwards but being in the beach for the whole time worth the sunburn.

The beach and its fine sand really made the place a paradise. That will keep everyone come back…When our time to leave the place came, there was a thought that comes my mind and never leave up to know…”I want to return in this place and stay longer! Goodbye for now bora…”.