My First Plane Adventure


It always gives us a high level of excitement doing things for the first time. Just last Sunday at exactly 9:25am, I had my first ever plane ride…PAL Flight PR321; Manila-Kalibo. I always had a lot of question in my mind on: how was the feeling when the plane is taking off and how does it feel when you’re up there seeing the ground from the top. I got all the answer to those question I have in my mind -- "It was awesome!". The plane taking off and having its landing was just some of the best part on riding a plane. Wwooohhoooo… Seeing the clouds right into your face is another awesome experience. I felt no fear but a lot of excitement. When I entered the plane, I was level 0 then, but when I went down the Kalibo airport expi points gained, and I’m now level 2 in my “plane adventure”.

‘Till I see you again, PAL!