Missing the Old Days


I’ve been out of school almost one year and half and things I usually do back then are what I truly miss. I missed the days when there will be no professor and we’ll have almost 2 hrs chatting and talking about anything. It likes sharing your entire life – values, wishes, dreams and goals - to your seat mates and they’ll share theirs too. And doing this almost everyday, you’ll end up knowing you each other completely and that’s when we realize we are gaining friends.

I might miss a lot of things being a student but I can’t deny the fact that I missing the people I learned to love in my college life. It wasn’t always good things but there are a lot of bad things that happened, that made the friendship a lot deeper. I miss everything, everyone I used to be with everyday - the endless conversations, arguments, and laughter - is what I truly miss.



Helena said...

I notice the "TOGA" and indeed ISKA ka rin pala... Ü