Aysa's Dictionary


As of now my officemates are still working on creating my dictionary.
Words that came out on my mouth during our daily conversations, since they are my bully officemates, they'll make fun of the words...hahaha..and we'll all have fun...

here are some of the word that will compose my own dictionary...
poy tsin - masarap na kainan sa megamall
doom - variation of dome
kim chu - produkto ng poy tsin
suka - laro
munchin - variation of muchkin (silent K)
kapatis - kakosa
kotches - plural form ng kotche
bokalista - kalbong lead singer ng band

See more of this at Bully's Vocabulary...Hope you enjoy!

-- this is courtesy of angge, cole, fatima, lauren, mapet, rose, vins and vanessa.