Missing the game...


Just recently, I realized that its been a while - maybe months - that we haven't played Dungeons & Dragons. I still remember back on my college years we used to play the game every Saturdays, our Dungeon Master, which is my sister's bf that time, now her husband used to sleep over in our house for us to have one adventure that will last for almost 5-7 hrs. Those were my thesis days, that after thesis consultation with the dungeon master, our adventure will follow.

We started from level 1 and as number of adventures passed, now we are on our 15th level on the class and organizations that we choose. A lot of unforgettable adventures, there are adventures that we almost died fighting - thank God there is this thing called expeditious retreat in the game. There are these times we ague whether we will be noble in helping others or we will just continue our journey and leave those in need but we end up being in an adventure helping or rescuing princess, friends other noble people of Waterdeep. My youngest brother even rolled different kind of charter before becoming who he is right now - Rashka "The Vampire Slayer", thanks to the Well of Transformation that allowed you to change some of the features of your character, sometimes even entire character. My sister, even become a NPC (non-playing character) since she gave birth our dear MRIX, which is now part of our party in replacement to her mother. hehehehe...

Oh well. Maybe I just missed playing the game, being in a different world, using different abilities that is an impossible abitily a human being can have - sometime you'd wish to have such ability. Exploring an inner persona that your charcter will brought you or maybe it's just that you see yourself in the charcter that you are playing.

I love Roswitha Rueher -my character- since the day it was created and mind you, I never change major features of my character since then - I tried joining different organizations to put a spice on my character but I end up going back to its original creation
- A Bard and Moonstar Agent. Dying was never in my vocabulary simply because I do not want to recreate another Roswitha - it wouldn't be different from the old one. Huh! Busy days had come and now I am missing the game, hopeful that we can play the game again before the end of this year, hopefully soonest if our time will permits.

'till our next adventure, always keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching to those stars. ☺