Roots of Evil Campaign


After two more adventures, finally we were able to finish the campaign "Roots of Evil".

The adventure happened by finding azalin at his crypt, to get the symbol of the sun and bring it back to the Castle Ravnloft. We travel with Anebroun is with us and asking us that we gave him the Azalin's phylactery for him to keep. Until, we were sure that Azalin is at the place we did let Anebroun keep the phylactery .We were able to see and talk to him and made some arrangement on how we can make things right...(we finished are mission by the way, we are now holding the symbol of the sun as we promised) but we plan to go back in the time when strahd gave his life to the evil (Inajira). we are hoping we could make something not to continue the exchange between the two and Azalin is willing to help us accomplish that mission...

And so Azalin make an spell, that will let our spirit go to the bodies that are present during the exchange. Unluckily we are, our spirit when to the bodies of the simple soldiers outside the place. So we had to sneak in to be able to enter the place where the exchange will happen. By the time one of us entered the place Strahd was abou to sign on Inajira's Book. Fortunate enough that Raskha was able to sneak and shout the word: "Arcanalothatum" and Inajira cried in anguish "you step me up Strahd, I won't be able to go back to my home. The soldiers begun to attack us and Strahd was able to run and keep inajira's book... From the three bodies that we held only one of the was alive but before we realize that, we woke-up from where we really are - at Azalin's Crypt. We see nothing but an empty place and a thrown that has skeleton sitting on it.

We travel going back to ravenloft's castle to return the symbol of the sun at the chapel. It was again a very dark place - same when we first visit the place where Strahd was hiding. Upon putting the symbol of the sun at the altar it seems nothing happened - it didn't made a difference and so we felt that there is something wrong. We then decided to look at the Strahd room to see if he was dead or he still became a vampire. On our way there, we heard stradh talking and asking that we give him the symbol. We ask Strahd to come out but Anebroun was the one that talk to us - asking for the symbol. We defeated Anebroun - as we thought - by letting the one part of the castle fell into her. We run to find the book and be able to combined the two to finally complete the mission. We have to find Inajira's book so we planned to started looking at it by going to Strahd's room. On the way to the room undead creature surprised us and made a deal form us - he'll bring us the book in trade of constitution points. Rashka made a heroic act in giving his constitution to bring back the undead creature's soul.

Right after getting the Book - Anebroun, Azalin, Strahd and Inajira arrived. Inajira was holding the queen, and they all trying to get the book and symbol from us. Anebroun had another plan. She held a gem aloft in her hand, and it glowed brilliantly. "Trying to steal my soul?" Inijira laughed, "Unfortunately for you, I don't have a soul to steal but you do!" Anebroun screamed and the phylactery dropped from her hand as her own life was pulled into the gem. Inijira crushed the gem in his hand. We had the time to put the book and symbol together, when Azalin and Strahd will try to stop as but Inijira turned toward Strahd and Azalin. "If I can't go home," he said grimly, "then no one does. And we where able to save Ravenloft. Rashka had to teleport us so that we won't be joining the three at the shadow prisons, we just landed to the true Barovia.

And so this campaign ended in success.
'Til our next mission adventurer's.the true persona behind the party.