DnD Philippines


Just this week there was a group of people from one of the most popular social networking in the country, they invited me to join their group "DnD Philippines". A group of Filipinos that plays and love the game. They describe it as "the first and truest form of RPG", which is really true. It is the old school type of the very popular online games like ragnarok and dota.

Knowing this people who is really into DnD made me more inspired doing more adventure with our party. Since the first time I played the game I was hooked with it, I don't know why its just that every time I play the game it seems that another ME is coming into it. The skills I am using and the way I handle every encounter is the most exciting part of the game. But of course to those who knew how to play the game "rolling the dice" gives true life in every encounter.

wwaaahhhh... I never thought I'll be loving this kind of game but yeah I do, it started almost four years ago and up to now I'm still in love with it. From level 1 - a lot of different encounters, a lot of different people we've meet and new teammates that are joining the party now we are level fourteen and soon enough our character will be retiring. Sad but every character has their time of resting and just enjoying the level they gained after a long-years of encounter.

Lets meet our party - from the Waterdeep of Forgotten Realms... here are the Shards of Selune.

Left to right: Rokus, Raven, Rhoswen, Roswitha, Raskha and Rival
I don't have a picture of their true identity, I'll make that my next mission...