Summer time is beach time...


Entire family in Boracay to visit Kuya Bong who's been away for a while and for him to see ate karen while she's still pregnant with their first child.
A lot for first time for me on my 3rd visit in the Island:

♥ The Caticlan "scary" Flight
♥ dinner at 'd talipapa
♥ helmet diving experience
♥ scuba diving experience
♥ 1st kayak in boracay beach

Camiguin adventure with friends from office, church and college peepz. Enjoyed the White Island plus Jetski with the master - Brimen! Photo-op everywhere with the photographers - Brim & Joep.

♥ Walkway to Old Volcano
♥ Sunken Cemetery
♥ Gui-ob Old Church
♥ Soda Water Swimming Pool
♥ Sto. Nino Cold Spring
♥ J & A Fishpen
♥ Ostrich Farm
♥ Katibawasan Falls
♥ Hibok-Hibok Ardent Spring

Unforgettable adventures with awesome people. Can't wait for the next one... ☺♥