Inspiring Words...


This man inspired a lot of people and I should say I'm one of those he had and continue to inspire, not just by his music but also the words of wisdom he never failed to share in every chance he can share it. Maybe he made it his life mission to inspire others in any way he can and his been doing it so well. In one of his concert he had said these words that truly gave an impact maybe not just to me but to others as well, let me share them with you:

"Its not reaching the mountain top that makes a success. Its the climbing, its the falling, its the slipping and trying again. The valleys are needed to appreciate the greater heights..."

I wasn’t able to be part of the concert, I accidentally heard a medley of his songs from the concert that includes this message and heard it just in time when I needed words like those. Thank You and May you continue to inspire Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V!