Closing Post


No, it's not what you think. This is not my last post on this blog, this is actually my closing post for the month - just for the month. hehehehe..:)

I don't know but I think this has been one of the busiest month for me this year. Probably because of my brother's wedding that we organized and in the last weeks before the wedding day made us so busy finalizing stuffs. After which had the chance to go out with my uncle from Bicol that officiated my brother's wedding, we often see him since he is assigned at Bicol for his Pastoral Service.

Another busy day of September is the one Sunday trip with my family, it was Metro Manila round trip meaning in a day we traveled 4 places - one after the other. We started our day around 9:30am, left the house going to MalacaƱang to attend Sunday mass. Drove to Max's in Quezon Ave to attend Jem's christening (daughter of ate's bestfriend), then visited tita Ed at her ravishing home sweet home at Cubao. Lastly, attended Ralph's (my cousin's son) 1st Brithday at Sta. Mesa and fetch my grandmother for there as well. Then travel back home and ended our day around 5:30 pm.

These had been an awesome month for me, maybe I simply missed going out with my family on Sundays. For some reason that I and my family understand, I am not able to be with them on Sunday's affairs. And I am truly happy that I was able to do it even for just two consecutive Sundays, maybe I just missed it so badly.

Here's some glimpse on the events that made my September an awesome month...

at my brother's wedding

at JEM's Christening

at Tita Ed's place

at Ralph's 1st Birthday

at Ralph's 1st Birthday
- i was the one taking the picture -