The Hunter Under the Sun


Whispered secrets of a forgotten age;
Hidden legends, lore, myths and tales of yore.
No past will remain untold by this sage:
With bardic voice echoing truth before.

Harpers, heralds, rangers, and even bards,
Speak of the truth seeker born on this day.
Hunters, raiders, finders, and even guards,
Talk of the half-elven who knows the Way.

Raysan, charismatic story-teller.
All bard: Moonstar in mind, Harper at heart.
Lo her profession: Illithid-hunter.
But know her creed, and know this from the start.

“New recruits are always available,
But a leader is irreplaceable.”

Sonnet 071708 by Raven

- I got my yearly birthday gift!!hehehe...Thanks to ate and kuya john!!