Highlights of 2007


2007 was one of the best years of my life... A lot of thing happened both good and bad, but everything made me, who I am right now! I resigned from my first job last march.. oohhh..I missed the people I used to work with. Got new job and gained new friends and new officemates a month after. I did quite a lot of travel and celebration in this year. I was able to visit Puerto Galera last May and enjoy the beach with my family. We met some AIG BPSI people (kuya john’s friends) at Galera thanks to them because if they didn’t plan their team building we wouldn’t be at Galera. Then last July, we honor the Death Anniversary of my grandfather at Bicol at the same time visited my grandmother and some aunties and cousin as well. Together with the fact that it was a mini reunion with our clan. Celebrated our little angel’s 1st birthday (MRIX) last September, he’s a little big boy now…so cuuuttteee… October, we enjoyed the beauty of one of the Philippines’ paradise – Boracay. It was a team building planned by our Team and it turned out I went there with my entire family to visit my brother who work there and to enjoy the beauty of this paradise...I so love beach!!

And there are a lot of fun and excitement happened this year, meeting and seeing again old friends made me really happy. Feeling hurt with some actions made by the people I love and waking up feeling that this people just stop loving you. All this things are the highlights of my life last year but most especially the fact that I had all this blessing made me closer to the one gave me this – GOD!

- Thank you for the gift of love, wisdom and strength… Thank you for making me feel blessed as always!!!

Welcome 2008!!!